somehow I believe that 21k won’t be a problem. I like running unknown routes, the challenge will be to find new routes every time I run. For some reason my motivation is  disproportionate to the familiarity of the track. :S

still alive

Okay I could have written more about my glamorous running life. But being seconded to a different city, moving long distance relationship and so and and so forth… I hope you accept my apologies.  I won’t write about all the things that happened in the meantime but let it be known that I now run about 8-9k each session. The best thing is that it happened by accident. Being in a new city I thought I best check out a new route and started running with no particular destination in mind. The first time I got lost. The second time I took a right turn and found a quite picturesque scenery. Infect I liked it so much I kept on running. I stopped at a Sign looking for the best way back home, realizing I ran 4 km one way. The third time I took a left turn, ended up in a beautiful park and realized I was 5k away from home. Walking back? Naah I ran!  

These shoes are made for running

I did it.  My research on the internet showed that finding the right running shoe is somewhat a science in itself. 

The city I life in has heaps of sport and outdoor stores. Which one to go to and how to find out whether they have good service? It was my mother that told me about that fantastic store she went to in her running days. A quick search on the net and the new address of the store was found. So last Saturday I made a trip to the countryside. The shop was nothing more than a living-room packed to the ceiling with shoeboxes. There were 3 shoes on display. No price tags. No mirrors. Spaces that weren’t occupied by boxes showed medals and newspaper clippings dating back to the early 60s.  I had to stand on two different machines the first telling how the pressure is distributed on my food the second measuring leg alignment food size and what else… Eichi, owner, runner, salesman, started looking at the boxes and took one out. his precision reminded me of Mr Olivander choosing Harry Potters first wand. I put on the shoe and had to leave the store and go for a short run on the street. Eichi was standing in front of his store and observing. The shoe felt good but when I returned he proclaimed that this was a terrible match. The shoe wouldn’t go with my hip.  Back in he gave me a different shoe and I had to go for a run again. He was satisfied. He gave me a third pair and said this one would be equally good.  Another run and my perfect shoe was found.

I got a discount for being a runner (wonder who doesn’t get one) and was sent off. No time was spent on the look of the shoe, the colour anything… oh well….

Next run and average pace was 40 sec better than pre-shoe. I decided to love them.

I’m still standing/ running

End of last week I was a bit worried. I seemed to have lost my motivation. Fortunately I found it hiding under the bed. All good!

I took two days off of running and going out again today was quite nice.

Not thinking much about running, before I actually started, is probably the reason I’m still running today. Usually it takes me ages to implement an idea. The running just started. I didn’t research training methods, the right cloths or shoes, where to run or when - I just ran. Two weeks and an unpleasant strain in my left food later, I figure it’s about time to invest in some good running shoes.

So here I am searching the internet for some advice on shoes. I love online-shopping. It’s just amazing what one can buy online! PLUS: Getting the parcel delivered two days later feels a little like Christmas. However, it seems like I need to get out into the real world to get those running shoes. I shall venture to a local specialist sports store in the quest for the perfect match. Wish me luck!

Another hectic day:

Late night, early morning:

into smart business suit - to firm - out of firm - out of smart business attire - into old shabby track suit - 27min run - out of old shabby track suit - under shower – into smart business suit – breakfast/lunch on the go - back home by 9:30

— done!

No personal record this time. How about a brave runner award?! 

No personal record this time. How about a brave runner award?! 

Dark was the night aka Running scared

Todays’ to-do list was packed with important and semi important things, so I thought it better to get an early start at work and run later in the day.

When I finally got ready to leave home it was dark already. I didn’t mind the dark too much though. Equipped with my very fashionable head light, I felt well prepared. My route starts about 500m from where I live and leads for the first 1000m along a well lit street to the forest. As I was crossing the last major road I was absorbed by the dark. The first few minutes were fun. However, the combination of a vivid imagination and memories of my time at the public prosecution service soon killed the fun part. Slowly, it began to dawn on me that my headlight was not only lighting my way but was rather attracting the attention of every possible malevolent nutjob in the area. Yet, running scared has its advantages. Running never felt that easy. I was so preoccupied looking for the way and turning my head into the woods to spot any suspicious creatures that time flew by.

To everyone bored with the same route day in and day out, I highly recommend running it in the dark- maybe take a pepper spray though -  just in case.

This time for real

Today I hit the 5K mark for real! Earlier than expected! This once again proofs the non-existence of mathematical abilities on my side. Of course if I take shorter walking breaks I can run further over the same period of time.

Todays’ walking periods were only 60 sec. I actually felt exhausted after the last running interval. From now on the goal is to run the same route with fewer breaks until I run it non-stop.

I’m also researching what I can do on my non training days. Just thinking about the next session is not really satisfying. I read that some core work should do the trick. Seems like I need to get this Swiss Ball ready.

3rd run stats. This time the GPS worked just fine! 

3rd run stats. This time the GPS worked just fine!